Our mission is clear: empower authors, revolutionize reading, & introduce the literary industry into web3.

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The first NFT marketplace for books and birthplace of readable collectibles.


We’re bringing books to the blockchain and NFTs are just the beginning!

Using the best utility, experience and psychology of blockchain technology, we empower authors to enhance the value of their work, connect with their audience, and open unprecedented possibilities of bringing their work to life on the immortal blockchain. And we are giving readers a new level of ownership, access, and the opportunity to deeply identify with the books that have changed their lives.


Every BKCN collectible is Author-Issued, 100% Unique and Unlocks Unprecedented Utility.

BKCN empowers authors to assign digital licenses to their written creative work and offer readers the new opportunity to strategically collect and trade their favorite books while unlocking deep access to the author, physical collectibles, accumulating incentives & more.


BKCN is introducing a new era in books!

More than a marketplace, BookCoin is ato a new era in books and will include a "MetaLibrary" of incentives, gamification and features unique to the literary industry! Unlock exclusive experiences with an author by collecting all of their characters or be airdropped a Platinum 1-of-1 Cover Edition by collecting a specific set of NFTs. Let the BookCoin games begin!


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Welcome to the first NFT Bookstore — where you can collect your favorite books as Limited-Edition, Author-Issued NFTs!

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What is Bookcoin?

3 Things to Know


We’re bringing books to the blockchain and NFTs are just the beginning.

As the first to mint an NYT Bestselling book to the blockchain & establish an NFT collectors license for published books, we are incredibly excited to bring to market the first BookNFT Marketplace, Literary Smart Contracts, web3 reader over the next several months.


We're building a bridge for authors into web3 & NFTs.

Web3 & NFTs are introducing a new Renaissance for authors and through our comprehensive author services, we are helping authors tokenize, reap an exponential level of return from and build a new depth of engagement around their written creative work on the blockchain.


We're building The MetaLibrary & a new way to experience books.

The MetaLibrary is the the largest community of book lovers in web3 and a central home for Book NFT collectors to read, earn and socialize around books. With private communities & book clubs, the first web3 reader, reading incentives & exclusive author access — we are introducing an entirely new way to experience books.

The BookCoin™ Path!


Phase One: Q4, 2021

MetaLibrary Founder Cards

The all-access mint pass NFT for early adopters to participate in our first drops of NFT author assets, tokens, and so much more.
Phase Two: Q1, 2022

The First NFT Bookstore

Our NFT Marketplace for books will be introduced alongside our first several bestselling book drops early next year. We'll be announcing our first titles before the end of the year!
Phase Three: Q2, 2022

The MetaLibrary

Focused on tokenizing full-length books on the blockchain, we'll be introducing our own book-centric token, blockchain streaming of written creative work and a new way to experience literature from the 21st century onward!

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What are Digital Collectibles or NFTs?

Like a physical collectible, a digital collectible is 100% authentic, distinguished and unique. To ensure each digital collectible’s unique authenticity, BookCoin™ uses blockchain technology to demonstrate and prove rights, ownership and authenticity — officially making it a Non-Fungible Token or NFT. This is similar to receiving a "certificate of authenticity" with unique physical merchandise like a signed baseball card or autographed book.

What does “Owning” a collectible or part of a book actually mean?

The purchase of a collectible on BookCoin™ means you own a cryptographic token representing the Author’s creative Work as a piece of property, but you do not own the creative Work or copyright itself. BookCoin™ authors are dividing their book into a collection of these “tokens” and selling off a new class of ownership with the opportunity for readers to collect, tout and/or trade their creative work.

How will books become NFTs?

Authors have their choice of how they'd like to tokenize their titles including, but not limited to, creating tokens for entire books, chapters, quotes, characters, sections, inspired-by art, and more.

Regardless, each collection will be packed full of fun perks and utility.

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Introducing a New World of Opportunity to Authors & Artists

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