A BookCoin Classic by Rata

Dr. Jekyll &
Mr. Hyde

Mint an original cover of this literary masterpiece designed by Rata — the fabled Artist behind The Degenaissance — and read to earn a Premium "Mr. Hyde Edition."


Collection: 700

Premium NFTs: 100


BookCoin x Rata:
The Story, Significance & Invitation.

This 'Classics' Collaboration with Rata is a significant bridge between the art and literary world.

Rata's two original cover designs represent a prominent artist's perspective on a historical piece of literature...and an invitation to read, earn, and fall back in love with a timeless novel.

Each cover gives you access to read the book in the MetaLibrary (v1) and offers the opportunity to win a Premium Edition piece of the collection by engaging with the Jekyll & Hyde Book Game.

Our dream is that the MetaLibrary becomes a home for artists, authors & readers. This unique release is the first of many to explore, honor, and commemorate classic and modern literature while incentivizing reading.

Enter the giveaway and learn more about this exciting collection below!



The Artist.

Rata, the creator of this original cover, is the crypto-artist behind The Degenassaince & many iconic pieces.


The Covers.

Our commission to Rata was simple: Choose your favorite classic piece of literature & design the cover that would make you want to read it.

He has designed two original covers. You'll be able to mint "Jekyll" and 100 readers will be able to claim the Premium Edition, "Hyde."


Read to Earn.

Each "Jekyll" Edition of the cover gives you access to read the book in the MetaLibrary and offers the opportunity to win "Hyde," a Premium Edition piece of the collection, by engaging with the Jekyll & Hyde Reading Game.

The first 100 readers to read the book and crack the Jekyll & Hyde "Seed Phrase" will be eligible to claim 1/50 Premium Cover Editions & Bonus Opportunities, as well.



The MetaLibrary is a home for artists, authors & readers and this collaboration is the first of many to explore, honor, and commemorate classic and modern literature while incentivizing reading. Start collecting now and win big over time as this category grows!


FREE: We’re giving away 25 Rata x Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Classic Book Cover NFTs to celebrate this special collaboration between the art & literary worlds.  Enter the giveaway to win now.

FREE: All MetaLibrary Founder Card NFTs will be eligible to claim 1 Rata x Jekyll & Hyde NFT. Buy one on OpenSea before 7.10.22 to get yours!

.03 ETH: The unclaimed pieces of the collection will be available for public mint starting on 7.12.22.


What is the MetaLibrary?

We are actively creating the MetaLibrary, a home for Book NFTs, to empower readers to experience a new level of ownership, access, incentives, entertainment, and identification with the books that have changed their lives.

What is a Book NFT?

A Book NFT is a new way to experience books that allows special utility that empowers authors & rewards readers.

Who is Rata?

The Cryptoartist behind some iconic pieces, including "The Degenassaince." Follow him here.

What chain are BookCoin NFTs minted on?

All tokens from Rata Classic Collection will be minted to the Ethereum blockchain.

Where is the secondary market?

Opensea for now, though in Q3 of 2022, the BookCoin marketplace will support and incentivize second hand sales.


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