The First NYT Bestselling Book NFT Collection

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Mint 1 of 1,111 Unique Subtle Art NFTs for the Historic Opportunity to Collect an Idea from this #1 NYT Bestseller, Unlock Access to Unreleased Content & Redeem Rewards.*


NFTs: 1111

Mint Date: 2.24.22


The Subtle Art NFT Collection: What It Is & How We're Making History.

Mark Manson here. I am minting parts of my book — The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck — to the blockchain, fractionalizing it into meaningful pieces and offering a community of book-lovers and Web3 believers the historic opportunity to collect* a piece of it.

I've pulled unique quotes, each 1/1 and available to use by the NFT owner under the Creative Commons license. Each NFT also contains visual properties dictating rarity and the ability to redeem specific rewards, including access to an unreleased chapter, my private web3 society & more.

This is an historic event for not just myself but for all authors. While other books have been created on the blockchain, this is the first time a major bestseller has been fractionalized and given creative freedom to its fans. I hope it sets the bar for authors who wish to release their work on Web3 going forward.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is the first of many popular books to be tokenized, collected and given Web3 utility by BookCoin — a team and project I've partnered with to make this dream a reality. It also marks the official launch of the MetaLibrary.

Whitelist now for the Subtle Art mint below. Spots will go fast. Let's make history together.



Unreleased Chapter

I've published a chapter I loved, but omitted from the final book called “Hero Worship.” As a token holder, you'll have access to read it in BookCoin's private reading environment.


Zero Fucks Club

Reminiscent to early blogging, I am bullish on web3 and NFTs, both as a creator and an investor. This private community of token holders will be my launchpad for all future web3 projects, alpha tips & co-creating the next season of my writing career.


Subtle Art School

Anyone who participates in the initial book offering will be eligible for a free 6-month membership to my new online school full of courses about cutting out the bullshit so you can find the struggles that matter. Learn more about the school here.


BookCoin Utility & Tokens.

I've chosen to partner with BookCoin on this project because of the long-term utility they're going to offer to holders. They also have offered to include Subtle Art token holders in their upcoming token airdrop. See their roadmap here. Also, disclaimers here.


Subtle Art NFT holders get access to Mark Manson's private web3 community, the Zero Fucks Club.

This private community will get access to an unreleased chapter of the book, The Subtle Art School (for original holders only) and
a launchpad for all Mark's future web3 projects, crypto alpha tips & co-creating the next season of his writing career.

Subtle Art NFT holders, verify yourself in Discord to join.

The Subtle art nft Roadmap

All but 10 of The Subtle Art NFTs will be available in the Initial Book Offering (IBO) — a randomized mint process for an early-bird price.

Minting an NFT is a simple process in which you connect your wallet, purchase, and a randomly selected one of the 1111 NFTs gets minted to the blockchain and sent to you. This requires a personal MetaMask wallet and the relevant amount of ETH in your wallet, but for the most part is a straightforward purchasing process.

You'll have a window of time designated to mint based on your spot on the whitelist. See the minting schedule here.

After the mint, the top 10 quotes from the book — dictated by the most highlighted and my personal favorites — will be auctioned off for a 24 hour period of time. These NFTs will have a premium design and superior properties.

You will be notified via email, Twitter & Discord when these go live.

After the premium auctions are complete, you can connect your wallet in Discord, verify yourself as the owner of one of the NFTs from either the MINT or the AUCTIONS and get exclusive access to all of the rewards dictated by the properties of your NFT.

This Subtle Art NFT drop is the first book of many that you’ll be able to co-own, share and engage with a community around your favorite titles and authors. Build your Subtle Art collection to own more of the overall title, expand into other titles and enjoy the benefits of being on the ground floor of the first #bookNFT library! See the BookCoin Roadmap for more on this.

The MetaLibrary is a new way to co-own books alongside your favorite authors and engage with a friendly community around the titles you love. Beyond just empowering you to own unique pieces of history, the BookCoin roadmap projects the ability for holders to earn tokens for staking your NFT, reading, socializing & collecting. With the vision of being the first library in the Metaverse, you'll have a front-row seat to the development and benefits as a Subtle Art token holder. (Disclaimers here)


Why are you tokenizing your book?

1) I believe NFTs, whether in their current form or not, are something to give a fuck about going into the future. I’ve already seen firsthand the excitement at their potential in the publishing and media industries.

2) I also believe that NFTs have the potential to solve many of the problems writers face and I want to make a way for authors to enter this space. Up until now, our type have been largely underrepresented and I think tokenizing my book that has sold very well in the traditional market can prove this and open the door for others.

3) Im doing this because I believe in communities and specifically this web3 concept of shared ownership and what it creates. I started my career in a small blogging community. I know that by giving the only additional rights of my creative work away for relatively nothing, I rally a tribe of invested believers to co-create the future together. NFTs potentially allow us to align incentives and value exchange with the true creative process.

4) And finally, I believe that written creative work is inherently valuable, worth collecting & has a place in the NFT landscape.

What does Owning a Subtle Art NFT or part of your book actually mean?

It means 4 things…

1) It means the right to collect & display. // I’m essentially assigning a new class of ownership to my work — a collectors license. Technically owning a piece of Subtle Art means that you own a cryptographic token representing the relevant portion of the text. Collectors have the right to display & trade the BookCoin Item, but do not have any legal ownership of the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, because this work has already been published traditionally, there are many binding contracts that have already been signed, and I am not legally able to share in copyright. However, trust me when I say that I’ve pushed the limits of what’s currently legally possible here. Learn more about the BookCoin Collectors License here.

2) It means you have creative commons rights. Please make yourself familiar with the specific license and guidelines here.

3) It means the right to trade. // This token gives you the 1/1 exclusive collectors rights to this piece of my work to benefit from the overall supply and demand of the collection as you see fit. Learn more about the BookCoin Collectors License here.

4) It means exclusive access. // The unreleased chapter of the book can only be accessed by having the token in your wallet inside of BookCoin’s private reading environment. You'll also have exclusive access to my launchpad community for all future web3 projects I do.

Does this collection have any long-term utility or staying power or is this just novelty collectible?

From the beginning of dreaming this up, I have wanted to pack the collection full of utility and find ways to increase the value and use of the pieces, overtime. Access to my Zero Fucks Club will be the long-term container for this and it's also why I chose to partner with BookCoin to bring this collection into the world.

BookCoin is a team with deep history in books but also entirely committed to bringing books into web3 and the Metaverse. Their roadmap includes some really fun future utility for the projects they drop, including mine, that will continue to offer enormous value to collectors — including a completely incentivized reading ecosystem where collectors earn tokens by renting or staking and readers earn by reading. Learn more @

When does the collection drop & how much is the mint price?
What chain are BookCoin NFTs minted on?

All tokens from The Subtle Art Collection will be minted to the Ethereum blockchain.

Where can I resell my Subtle Art NFT?

Opensea for now, though in Q2 of 2022, the BookCoin marketplace will support and incentivize second hand sales.


The BookCoin Team

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The BookCoin Advisors

Mark Manson
Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck | Co-author of WILL w/ Will Smith | 3x NYT Bestselling Author | BookCoin Author Board
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